What is WHEN?

WHEN is a sales driven online shopping platform. Our Mission is to help you make the best possible online shopping decision by creating a suite of tools that aid discovery, community, entertainment and education.

Why Should I use WHEN?

There is a fantastic wealth of information and choice on the internet. We want to help you make practical use of this information to find great products within an acceptable timeframe at a reasonable price. By helping you find what you need in life, you can focus on living a good life chasing enriching experiences and deeper connections.

What are the some of the key Features on WHEN?

· Search – Search through millions of products from all kinds of brands, designers and retailers on WHEN. Then use our customised set of filters to zone in on that perfect product.

· Follow – Follow brands and retailers that you like and stay up to date with new offerings, promos, sales and other interesting bits of information.

· Swipe – There are a ton of products to go through. Swipe allows you to go through everything in a fast and fun way. Swipe Right to "Like" and store the product or swipe Left to dismiss.

· Save – Save your search criteria, save products you like. WHEN allows you to do your research and make sure you can come back to it later.

· Share – All these features are geared towards sharing the things you like with your friends, family and the WHEN community to make shopping more fun and collaborative. Their feedback will help you make better shopping decisions. We've built a specific tool to help you just with that, which brings us to the next point.

What is a Collection?

A collection of products is a set of products. The products share similar characteristics, e.g. Blue Dresses from ASOS. They may share a similar theme, e.g. Summer Essentials for Men. Products are curated automatically using WHEN’s algorithm or by Stylists from the fashion industry. You can follow Collection you like to stay on top of things.

Can I make my own Collections?

Yes, you can! You can create and share your Collections with friends or the SmartShopper community on WHEN. People can vote on specific products in your Collection, and this can help you make better shopping decisions!

How do I create a Collection?

How do I share a Collection?

How do I view the voting results?

What is a Creator?

A creator is a brand or a retailer on WHEN. E.g. Nike and Gucci are Creators. ASOS and Zalando are also Creators. You can view a creator as a group of similar Collections sold by the same retailer or from the same brand.

What is the When Feed and how different is it from other Feeds?

It is similar to the feed from Twitter and Facebook with one crucial difference. On WHEN you see the most recent news and products on top and the older stuff at the bottom. This way you know what is trending and new. You won’t miss out on trends, deals and promos and no news will ever be buried!

How many products and brands are on WHEN?

At the time of writing this, we have more than 2 million products from up to 4000 Creators (Brands and Retailers) on WHEN platform. We grow daily.

How do you deal with duplicates, do you do price comparison?

Our systems are built to detect duplicates (same product from different sources). Upon such detection, we do the price analysis internally and then display the source with the lowest price to you. This is in line with one of our mission goals, which is to help you save as much as possible when shopping.

How do I get in touch with WHEN?

You can find our contact details here

We'll keep updating this section as we develop.