Five Amazing Asian Getaways.

19 July 2018

Travelling is a great way to not only to rejuvenate our minds but to also our souls. In addition to the adventure, fun and great experiences, you also get to learn a lot from exploring new places. Almost everyone has this craving to visit beautiful sites and make a few fantastic memories with their loved ones. However, our budgetary constraints at times don’t let this happen, and we keep delaying our plans in the hope of saving more money. Luckily there are a few low budget places that are insanely beautiful and won’t even break your bank. If you have a lure towards travelling, want to indulge in exotic escapes but are low on budget, stop worrying. We have rounded up five low budget destinations that offer a wide array of things to do and are also pocket-friendly:


This beautiful country attracts some tourists each year due to its tourist-friendly ambience and exciting experiences. It is very well known for its scenic spots and striking beauty. It is a well-developed country with a wide array of activities to choose from. If you have done your research well before planning a trip, you can spend a great time on a very minimal budget.


Malaysia is a beautiful country which is known for its multi-ethnicity. You can find many hotels, restaurants and shopping centres that are pretty affordable. You can go street shopping and street food that you can comfortably afford. Also, you don’t need to spend much on roaming around as well. You can travel by bus, cab or take a car on rent. Each medium has its perks and is budget-friendly.


You can indulge in some great experiences this country is packed with. It offers some sandy beaches, magnificent rainforests, and active volcanos that can leave any tourist stunned. Despite all these major attractions, this country is absurdly affordable.

The Philippines

This country is home to one of the cheapest islands in Asia. The low-cost factor doesn’t mean that this destination is any less from other exotic spots. It boasts beautiful palm-studded beaches, glitzy parties, and extremely friendly locals.


India is a country which might be ignored by many in their travel plans. However, this country has so much to boast and is surprisingly very affordable. The cost of living generally is ideal for your downsized budget.
A low budget travel plan can also prove to be really amazing, if you plant it right and do your homework ahead of time. Now when you are aware of these beautiful and insanely affordable destinations, start crafting your plans and treat yourself with an exotic escape.

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