About Us

Hi! we are WHEN. Based in London, United Kingdom and Founded in January 2017. We are a young, lean and ambitious little startup. We are here to make a difference to how people shop online! 

So, what exactly is WHEN?

We are a Discovery and Search platform for products that are on sale or promo across the web. Every day millions of promotions, deals, sales, or discounts are going on online, you are probably missing out on most of them. Even if you try to stay on top of things, you have limited time and money, PLUS - you have a life! This is where we come in: WHEN will help you make the best possible buying decision by keeping track of what you love and helping you discover what you might love even more!. All this is done on a fun, unique and informative website. It's a free service.

WHEN brings together more than a million fashion and lifestyle products and almost 10,000 brands/designers from the best online boutiques and department stores. You shop in one place; follow brands and trends you like; and discover other amazing things. There is a 93,78012% chance you won't ever miss out on a great deal (unverified statistic!)

Why should you use WHEN?

On WHEN shopping is fun and informative. Even more important - using WHEN is guaranteed to save you time and money. Why save time and money? Because we want you to have more leftover for the things you enjoy and the people you love.This starts with shopping smarter on WHEN's innovative platform.

Save Money, Save Time, Shop Smart with WHEN!

Our Mission

To be the first stop for anyone who wants to discover exciting products while saving money and time.

To empower online shoppers to make informed decisions on what to buy, when to buy, and from whom to buy from.

To be a one-stop shop to keep our users up to date on the latest offerings from their favorite brands and retailers.

What we believe

Be the best version of yourself at all times: Eat well, Exercise every day, Read great books, and Always dress sharp.

It is infinitely more beneficial to invest in great experiences than the meaningless pursuit of material things (you can get them on WHEN for a bargain!)

Be conscious shopper. Be aware of how your actions impact the people around you and the environment. 

We are a tech company. We have witnessed how technology can make a significant impact in peoples lives. We believe that WHEN can make a difference in peoples lives by helping them discover the wealth of choice and information that is out there. Join us on this journey.

How to Use WHEN (Great Features)

  • Follow your favorite brands and topics to stay informed on great deals and other offerings.

  • Save your searches and shortlist your favorite products.

  • Search for specific products and use the powerful filters to find what you need.

  • Swipe is a powerful Tinder-like tool to view products in a fast, fun and unique way. Swipe right for "YAY", Swipe left for "NAY". It saves the products you like so that you can further review them before making your final purchase decision.

Wait there is more!

  • A customized Feed/Timeline on your homepage to keep you up to date with the latest in your followed playlists and generally on the site!

  • A curated News Aggregator to keep you up to date with the latest in Fashion, Beauty, and Retail.

And, One more thing!

Product Playlists - Playlists are curated lists of items. Think of them as topics you can follow to stay informed of great deals from brands and designers you love: Playlists are curated:

  1. By Professionals who keep up with trends and list the best deals in their segment of expertise.

  2. By Smart Algorithms that sift through our large data sets and make recommendations.

  3. By Guest Editors and Trendsetters.

To improve your experience you should follow playlists that interest you. Playlists get refreshed with new products on an ongoing basis.

We constantly work to improve the platform. So expect even more soon!

Privacy Policy

Your data will not be shared with any third parties. In most cases we use your search preferences to tweak the algorithms and search results to better match your taste without impacting serendipity and discovery. This basic information helps us understand customer interests and helps us improve our website. When you visit our site, the pages that you look at, and a short text file called a cookie, are downloaded to your computer. A cookie is used to store small amounts of information. This information is collected for traffic analysis only. The cookie does not contain personal details. Depending on the browser that you use, you can set your preferences to block/ refuse cookies, and/ or notify you before they are placed. We do not sell, give, or trade the statistics they store to any 3rd parties for data-mining or marketing purposes.

Follow our blog When.Blog to keep up to date with us as we embark on this exciting journey. We'll also be delving into insights in the industry and most likely beyond.